Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair

To My Readers

What do I do? What is it that The Actors Workshop of South Florida does ? We train the student, to become a professionally trained working actor, if that is what they choose to do. We train the individual, to trust their inner voice to express themselves and their passion in life, realized through the craft of acting.

So congratulations to Janet Weakley, who has just been cast as 'Mrs Wingfield', in Tennessee William's "The Glass Menagerie" at Broward Stage Door. Janet has studied with, and been a member of The Actors Workshop of South Florida for five years and performed in two of our repertory theatre productions, "Crossing Delancey" and "The Supporting Cast", she also had her first paying job as an actor with our University Shakespeare program, along with other members of our company. As she said to me upon telling me she was cast ''because of your company, I am professionally trained and I am ready for this''. Yes you are Janet!

Congratulations to John McGlothlin working in Rising Action's theatre production of "Bent", with outstanding reviews from the Miami Herald,Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach- Post & New Times. Having seen the play, not only was it brave, sensitive and raw but it was the mature performance of an experienced actor willing to take risks and not that of his 'stage debut'. John credited the workshop "for cultivating his love of acting" but he was a credit to the workshop and what we do. After several independent film performances John is keeping his passion alive in theatre too!

Congratulations to Kally Khourshid, just cast in local playwright, Tony Finstrom's "Knish Alley" at Broward Stage Door. One of our youngest members who completed our 8 week Introductory workshop last year, went off to college and because of her talent and training was offered a role by her drama professor to work opposite him. This summer she returned to keep her training consistent by taking advantage of our Ongoing workshop serving it's purpose to offer the student a 'roof over their head', as they continue to work at their craft.

Congratulations to Phyllis Brown and Victor Mascitelli who have recently signed with their first Talent Agency. Victor is currently shooting a film , playing opposite renowned actor Barry Bostwick. Jessica Brydon will be in Cincinatti soon to shoot in her next film.

The Actors Workshop of South Florida is a company focused on professional consistent training, founded on respect for the craft of acting. Our professionally, working, paid actors are a reflection of that.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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