Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 2
To my readers,

What another wonderful year it has been as 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida' has continued to grow; not just by adding classes and students, but with the passionate commitment of our actors, which has made this Company different from the beginning.

Many of our actors have now worked in a variety of theatre and film productions from Palm Beach to Miami. Some of our actors have completed the 8 week introductory program, now feeling they have a 'consistent technique' which will take them from audition through production, and have departed to fulfill their dream in Los Angeles and New York, updating us that they are 'getting the job'!

Our 'Ongoing Program' has continued to create a passionate environment for our students who share their talent on a weekly basis, and even when cast, return to 'The Workshop' to keep their passion and talent alive. We look forward to 2004 with more 'industry showcases' to present our talent to more directors, agents and writers; and the opportunity for our actors, and myself, to not only work with other theatre companies, but to produce our own plays with the creative and passionate license we have in 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida'

I would personally like to thank the many students who have joined our 'Workshops' for their individual expressions in the creative process, but particularly I would like to thank the actors who have continued, and who I am proud to see commit to their passion flourishing in 'The Ongoing Program' as a member of 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida'

Thank you for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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