Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 11

To My Readers,

So quickly we say goodbye to another year and hello to 2008!

Many will call 2007 a difficult year as the economy affected us from gas prices to the cost of groceries, and always the first to be bid farewell in tough times, are those personal things we do for ourselves, personal development , theatre tickets or a creative class.

Although the The Actors Workshop of South Florida felt the change like many others in the artistic community, we also continued to see the commitment of those who still attended our 8 week Introductory workshop and then pursued their dreams, or personal desire, to see what more they were made of as they opened up their creative side and the emotions that accompanied them by becoming members of the Ongoing workshop .

With our fourth repertory theatre production of the play 'The Supporting Cast' by George Furth, and an inspiring group of new members who attended our final class of 2007, ready to return to work in 2008 and develop that which they have just discovered of their talent, The Actors Workshop of South Florida again proudly looks to see what the future holds in our 7th year!

With new ideas about projects such as the 4 week workshop, in April, 'Shakespeare 101', a refreshing way to take the intimidation out of the Bards words and bring the fun back to the classics, a Summer camp for the young actor who wants to find the training that takes their aspirations of being an actor seriously, with training to prepare them for a career and play readings of some of the great classics of American theatre.

So no matter what practical cautions may come this year, do not forget, part of your survival comes from remembering to nurture and feed your creative spirit.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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