Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 5

To My Readers,

At a time when the Arts in South Florida have continued to struggle to survive artistically and financially, The Actors Workshop of South Florida is managing to grow and support its original intention as a company teaching respect for the craft of acting, and the discovery and encouragement of ones creative passion. Upon the recent conclusion of our June 8 week program, one of our students wrote a letter he wanted to read to me and his fellow students. He spoke of his feelings, wanting us to know how much finding the workshop had meant to him but more than that, he spoke of finding something "real". In a day and age when we survive through masks and walls, the students articulation of his experience touched all in the class.

"Real" is a word heard often in the workshop, in the Introductory and Ongoing Workshops, at our students auditions, and their rehearsals when they are cast. The Oxford Dictionary translates "real" as "Fidelity of representation, what underlies appearances"; a fine description for the art of acting and the goals of The Actors Workshop of South Florida.

As members of the workshop have taken their training and participated in productions with other companies, as have I as a director, I am pleased to announce our first full stage production of the comedy "Social Security", which will bring together the talents of our members of The Actors Workshop of South Florida, for a complete creative experience at the Willow Theatre, Sugar Sand Park.

We are excited to show the talent of our actors and for them to have the opportunity to work professionally, knowing that their fellow cast-mates are creatively "on the same page".

The Actors Workshop of South Florida will keep sight of being "Consistently Real"

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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  1. Our workshop continues to grow and prosper. THis is due to excellent leadership provided by Jane Kelly.
    The students are all growing and taking the direction which proves we have a safe enviornment and a great to hone your craft.