Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 12

To My Readers

How has your 2008 been going?

Well we all know what we have been up against, some of us have grown from the restrictions of this year, and some have been afraid to take chances. I have been very proud of what we have accomplished at The Actors Workshop of South Florida. Our first 8 week Introductory workshop of the year, had one of the highest registrations since we began 7 years ago and our Ongoing workshop can attest to the same growth. Our students have continued to pursue their goals, as members of our workshops, to seek truth, unlock their inner barriers and pursue their inner passion whether in a career of acting or in their everyday lives. Jessica Brydon appeared in her first Equity play, as she continues to work in film and television locally, to build up her resume and return to work more in Los- Angeles. Ellery Carlson, just turned 18, a new member of our Ongoing workshop, auditioned for her first professional job, with the 'Discovery' channel, and got the job! Several of our students worked on the two SAG films, Jennifer Anniston's "Marley and me" also Jim Carrrey's and Ewan Mcgregor's film, "I love you Phillip Morris". The television series "Burn Notice", continues to shoot in Miami, and our students continue to work on that television production.

The Actors Workshop of South Florida continues to look to new opportunities for our actors, with workshop's, industry networking, future productions for our repertory theatre company, we are pleased to have given our students another opportunity to succeed with our "On-camera/cold reading" workshop, yet another opportunity for our students to become consistent in this industry.

So to those of you still deciding whether you are brave enough to pursue your creative passion and finally listen to that inner voice, may you see that you are not alone and anything is possible, as our students continue to listen to their inner voice, and choose to be heard!

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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