Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Directors Chair"
2010 "The Actors Workshop of South Florida"

To My Readers

If you read my previous “Directors Chair” #15, reviewing our completion of 2009, you know the successes and how proud I am of the accomplishments of not only our many students who are now working professionally but the work of our Ongoing students, as week to week they “raise the bar” of their expectations of their talent and pursuing their passion.

We are now in our 9th year and the possibilities continue to inspire me and my students.
We are expanding our relationships with theatre companies, film makers and agents, and with our updated website, blog and face book page we are doing everything we can to help others find us from more than the word of mouth our reputation has inspired.
New students joined our Ongoing workshop after their completion of the Introductory, 8 week workshop in November 2009, not only were they inspired by our end of year Ongoing showcase but inspiring to students already in the Ongoing because of their enthusiasm and hunger to work and develop what they had learned in the Introductory workshop, they wasted no time.

Each week there is a new excitement in our students because of personal and professional discovery and always with an acknowledgement of the safety provided in our workshops, unlike anything they have previously known, which creates an environment to push one’s emotions further and see what is revealed.

So as we are all still taking steps to dance and not just walk away from the fears of practical life, to quote many of our November Introductory students who said, ”I couldn’t ignore my inner voice any longer, finally I decided what am I waiting for, this is my time.”
It does take courage to finally say that but at "The Actors Workshop of South Florida" you will know that you are not alone!

Thanks for taking a look.

Directors Chair 2011

Thanks 2010.
As director of "The Actors Workshop of South Florida" I would like to take this time to thank you for joining us on facebook this year and looking at our website.
.In January 2011 we will be moving into our 10th year!
.I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our many students who moved their training into a career:
.Jessica Brydon and Martine Battle both moved to Los Angeles this year and started working in the tough industry there.
.Martine received her SAG card in three weeks of arriving, unheard of!
.Jessica has gained reputable representation, appeared on the "Tonight show" and is using her training to it's optimum.
.Janet Weakley appeared in Broward stage door's "The Glass Menagerie" and I am currently directing her in Rising Action's upcoming play "The Killing of Sister George" opening in January 2011.
.John Mcglothlin continues to work in film and theatre after his successful debut last year in Rising Action's "Bent".
.Phyllis Brown just continues to work in television and commercials.
.Kally Khoushid and Eliana Ghen who both debuted at "Broward stage door.
.Also a congratulations to our student's who performed in our annual industry showcase, and all gained representation.
.This year we were recognised by the Broward Cultural Arts Centre and added to it's Art's Directory, one of only 37 companies.
.We look forward to what 2011 brings, we will be working with the Delray Film Festival with a workshop, adding more "Short Program's" which were very successful this year for non-member's of our
"Ongoing" company to participate.
.In January, we will hold our "Monologue Intensive" and have a dvd available for actors to add to their professional reel. On-camera/cold read in April. Introductory",8 week starts January 31.
.Opening of "The Killing of Sister George" January 13.
We look forward to you continuing to join us and see what happens!

Thanks for taking a look.