Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 3

To my readers,

‘What is different about this technique’? I am asked constantly; my reply is
‘it takes the hit and miss out of the concerns an actor can have from audition through production, it gives a consistency like nothing else out there’. But I am not writing about my technique today, I am talking about my actors. It is time to acknowledge the many wonderful individuals, who are working actors because of their talent developed through The Actors Workshop of South Florida.

Joanne Paciello, who’s revue in her first full production of Six Degrees of Separation, with ‘Edge Theatre Company, duly noted her talent ‘a standout, so natural on stage’. Of course we at the workshop have known that for months! Marc Spivack, a business CEO, who 3years ago prior to finding the workshop, had not imagined a life as an actor, now in his 10th production, who by the way was offered two acting jobs at the same time last month! Mennette Colón, shooting her first commercial this week, that was her second audition ever! Phyllis Spear, awaiting word on casting after her second call-back, on her first audition. George Randol, already a working actor, in film and television, who since joining the workshop, has said the technique has changed his life also, as he continues to get cast but now it is with a consistency that constantly has the directors commenting on his talent being a ‘stand out’, they know they have a professional who will get the job done, on budget, on time! Brian Haase who joined us last year, is working in his fifth independent film, and is ready to start shooting a film he has written and will direct; he has his eye on Los Angeles; and knows that this training, has him prepared. One of our students Ryan DeSouza, is already out there working in serial television, he updates us that this technique is why he is getting the job.

So congratulations to our many working actors, and to those who are honing their craft at The Actors Workshop of South Florida preparing for their first audition.

Thank you for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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