Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 9

To My Readers,

2007 already!

In 2006, The Actors Workshop of South Florida continued to grow, and we see more of our students become professional actors.

Mennette Colon is constantly seen on local television, in such commercials as the spokes-person for 'Supra Telecom', and a featured role in the Los Angeles production 'Dexter', on Cinemax. Brian Haase had successful production meetings recently in Los Angeles and will return there in January for pilot season not only as an actor but film-maker. Jessica Brydon, still a teenager, was in a touring production in Canada, is working in commercials and independent film, and is also looking to make the transition to work in Los Angeles, and has just signed with a bi-coastal agent in Miami. Evan Schwartz, who appeared in our production of 'Barefoot in the Park', is also moving to L.A, for pilot season, feeling confident of his training and experience, gained through our company. They have all been working here with major 'agent representation', as they build their resumes to pursue their biggest dreams. Agents, and casting directors, are often seeking new talent through The Actors Workshop of South Florida.

Our repertory theatre production of 'Crossing Delancey', sold out, and we were honored by the attendance of the author, Susan Sandler's father, who took time with the cast to share personal stories about the play's origins. Our cast members all came from the Ongoing' workshop, Diogo Braga, Susan Glover, Julie Ramirez and Janet Weakley.

Although we are proud to give opportunities to our students to take the next step into a career as an actor, whether giving them audition skills, or access to gaining representation, or the opportunity to perform in one of our productions, the foundation of The Actors Workshop of South Florida, is still to teach.

Whether, you are just curious to discover or to re-discover your creative side, in the 8 week Introductory workshop, or you seek a professional career as an actor, and join the Ongoing workshop, we continue to keep our focus on the individual and our respect for the craft of acting.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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