Thursday, December 3, 2009

Directors Chair 15

Directors Chair… #15

To My Readers

2009 has drawn to a close and another year of changes. The Actors Workshop of South Florida has experienced great successes for it’s student’s, many worked professionally in theatre and film, some for the first time, others building on the consistency that was supported as members of the Ongoing workshop.
However our workshops have become more than a place that gives the most professional, consistent, training to become a working actor but also a place that has created a safe environment for the individual to use the tools of acting to develop their life skills.
Many of our members attended the Introductory workshop to explore another piece of themselves, to gain confidence, overcome shyness or re-visit the part of themselves they left behind somewhere, when the practicalities of life had a louder voice, such as an office job that had to pay the bills, or pleasing ones parents or raising a family, all such valid reasons but still at the expense of that creative, passionate voice they once heard.

So as these marvelous people have taken their ‘Introductory’ workshop experience and moved on to further explore their discoveries as members of the Ongoing workshop not only have they surprised themselves but have also inspired their peers who recognize a piece of themselves within one another and continue to grow personally and professionally because of it.

2009 also brought changes for the workshop, as we ended an eight year relationship with Boca Raton parks and recreation as they showed they did not care about the welfare of the community, and new students became less important to them than increasing their fees and beaurocracy.
So for that reason I knew our 8 week Introductory workshop would find a new home in Boca Raton, where I could continue with my goal to have fairly priced classes for the student to discover the craft of acting or the ‘struggling’ actor could always afford to have consistent, professional training.
To that vision we have now added Broward classes, so hold workshops between Boca Raton and Ft Lauderdale, which pleases the Miami agents with whom we have contact.

We also said a farewell to two of our student’s who have now moved on to their career’s in Los Angeles. Both started studying with me at the age of fifteen and for six years continued to use the support of the Ongoing workshop, building their resumes in film and theatre, they know still that I am just a ’phone call away should they seek advice or morale support.

As we enter into our ‘9th year’, I look forward to continuing to build on the foundation I built nine years ago and have always held for the workshop as we continued to grow, to offer a safe, supporting environment, with professional training taught in N.Y, L.A and London, teaching respect for the craft of acting and the gift’s that it can bring.
Here’s to the hundred’s of inspired student’s who have joined us on that discovery and to those yet to find us!

Thanks for taking a look.

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