Sunday, April 24, 2011

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To My Readers.

It is April and we have already had a very busy year. We are currently in the middle of our 2nd "8 week, Introductory" workshop of 2011 and another great registration, with our next "Introductory" starting Tuesday June 21, an alternate day, due to request.
Last week we held a workshop at the "Downtown Boca Film Festival" and next week, our 10 year Anniversary, television interview with "Iris Acker-Onstage" airs locally on Comcast channel 19.

Our Short program's continue to receive great response including "On-camera/cold read, Monologue Intensive, Scene study, Improvisation, Audition Techniques, Voice and Diction, Shakespeare 101, Getting Cast 101 and Know Your Type".
Our Young People's program's also continue, designed to fit the needs of student's starting from age 7 years, and another of my teen student's was just accepted to the Dreyfoos school of the arts, after private classes to prepare him for his entrance audition.

Then of course there is our Ongoing workshop, still the only one in South Florida akin to L.A and N.Y, to network actors and industry information, without financial hardship, whether the student seeks a career or quite simply enjoys living life with a passion.

We are proud that now in our 10 th year, our founding goals continue to be what set us apart as "-Not just another acting school"!
Respect for the craft of acting and cost's that have remained as they were when we began!
We were named by SF top casting agent as one of the top four teachers in Florida.
We look forward to continuing this journey and those of you who are meant to find us.

Thanks for taking a look.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Directors Chair
To My Readers
What a year it has been for “The Actors Workshop of South Florida”!

In May we moved into our own studio in Deerfield Beach, we added Short Programs to our class schedule, including “Know Your Type, Getting Cast 101, Audition Techniques, Improvisation, On-camera/cold read, Shakespeare 101, Voice and diction”, which offers those who cannot complete our 8 week, Introductory workshop and join our Ongoing workshop the opportunity to participate in our company and gain intensive insight into training and understanding the industry.

We held our “Industry” showcase of talent, inviting members of our industry to see new talent, all sixteen of our students gained agent representation, many of whom had not acted before and had been training with us for less than six months, thus supporting the consistency of the technique we teach and the results it achieves.

Our student’s continue to be working actors in the South Florida community in films such as “Marley and me“, television “The Glades and Burn Notice” and theatre with many of our local theatres.

Two of our students moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of this year and gained representation within days, one of whom got her SAG card within three weeks, unheard of!
After the initial response of “you really learned that training in South Florida?” The jokes are over as they prove their talent and training consistently by getting the work, out shining many at auditions who have already spent years in L.A. We do still remind them that this training comes out of Los- Angeles and New York, their teacher just happens to be living in SF!

So in 2011, we move into our 10th year, excited at what more is to come, already including a new play and plans to hold a workshop at the Delray film festival.
We welcome you to contact us and audit our classes.

Thanks for taking a look

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Directors Chair"
2010 "The Actors Workshop of South Florida"

To My Readers

If you read my previous “Directors Chair” #15, reviewing our completion of 2009, you know the successes and how proud I am of the accomplishments of not only our many students who are now working professionally but the work of our Ongoing students, as week to week they “raise the bar” of their expectations of their talent and pursuing their passion.

We are now in our 9th year and the possibilities continue to inspire me and my students.
We are expanding our relationships with theatre companies, film makers and agents, and with our updated website, blog and face book page we are doing everything we can to help others find us from more than the word of mouth our reputation has inspired.
New students joined our Ongoing workshop after their completion of the Introductory, 8 week workshop in November 2009, not only were they inspired by our end of year Ongoing showcase but inspiring to students already in the Ongoing because of their enthusiasm and hunger to work and develop what they had learned in the Introductory workshop, they wasted no time.

Each week there is a new excitement in our students because of personal and professional discovery and always with an acknowledgement of the safety provided in our workshops, unlike anything they have previously known, which creates an environment to push one’s emotions further and see what is revealed.

So as we are all still taking steps to dance and not just walk away from the fears of practical life, to quote many of our November Introductory students who said, ”I couldn’t ignore my inner voice any longer, finally I decided what am I waiting for, this is my time.”
It does take courage to finally say that but at "The Actors Workshop of South Florida" you will know that you are not alone!

Thanks for taking a look.

Directors Chair 2011

Thanks 2010.
As director of "The Actors Workshop of South Florida" I would like to take this time to thank you for joining us on facebook this year and looking at our website.
.In January 2011 we will be moving into our 10th year!
.I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our many students who moved their training into a career:
.Jessica Brydon and Martine Battle both moved to Los Angeles this year and started working in the tough industry there.
.Martine received her SAG card in three weeks of arriving, unheard of!
.Jessica has gained reputable representation, appeared on the "Tonight show" and is using her training to it's optimum.
.Janet Weakley appeared in Broward stage door's "The Glass Menagerie" and I am currently directing her in Rising Action's upcoming play "The Killing of Sister George" opening in January 2011.
.John Mcglothlin continues to work in film and theatre after his successful debut last year in Rising Action's "Bent".
.Phyllis Brown just continues to work in television and commercials.
.Kally Khoushid and Eliana Ghen who both debuted at "Broward stage door.
.Also a congratulations to our student's who performed in our annual industry showcase, and all gained representation.
.This year we were recognised by the Broward Cultural Arts Centre and added to it's Art's Directory, one of only 37 companies.
.We look forward to what 2011 brings, we will be working with the Delray Film Festival with a workshop, adding more "Short Program's" which were very successful this year for non-member's of our
"Ongoing" company to participate.
.In January, we will hold our "Monologue Intensive" and have a dvd available for actors to add to their professional reel. On-camera/cold read in April. Introductory",8 week starts January 31.
.Opening of "The Killing of Sister George" January 13.
We look forward to you continuing to join us and see what happens!

Thanks for taking a look.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Directors Chair 15

Directors Chair… #15

To My Readers

2009 has drawn to a close and another year of changes. The Actors Workshop of South Florida has experienced great successes for it’s student’s, many worked professionally in theatre and film, some for the first time, others building on the consistency that was supported as members of the Ongoing workshop.
However our workshops have become more than a place that gives the most professional, consistent, training to become a working actor but also a place that has created a safe environment for the individual to use the tools of acting to develop their life skills.
Many of our members attended the Introductory workshop to explore another piece of themselves, to gain confidence, overcome shyness or re-visit the part of themselves they left behind somewhere, when the practicalities of life had a louder voice, such as an office job that had to pay the bills, or pleasing ones parents or raising a family, all such valid reasons but still at the expense of that creative, passionate voice they once heard.

So as these marvelous people have taken their ‘Introductory’ workshop experience and moved on to further explore their discoveries as members of the Ongoing workshop not only have they surprised themselves but have also inspired their peers who recognize a piece of themselves within one another and continue to grow personally and professionally because of it.

2009 also brought changes for the workshop, as we ended an eight year relationship with Boca Raton parks and recreation as they showed they did not care about the welfare of the community, and new students became less important to them than increasing their fees and beaurocracy.
So for that reason I knew our 8 week Introductory workshop would find a new home in Boca Raton, where I could continue with my goal to have fairly priced classes for the student to discover the craft of acting or the ‘struggling’ actor could always afford to have consistent, professional training.
To that vision we have now added Broward classes, so hold workshops between Boca Raton and Ft Lauderdale, which pleases the Miami agents with whom we have contact.

We also said a farewell to two of our student’s who have now moved on to their career’s in Los Angeles. Both started studying with me at the age of fifteen and for six years continued to use the support of the Ongoing workshop, building their resumes in film and theatre, they know still that I am just a ’phone call away should they seek advice or morale support.

As we enter into our ‘9th year’, I look forward to continuing to build on the foundation I built nine years ago and have always held for the workshop as we continued to grow, to offer a safe, supporting environment, with professional training taught in N.Y, L.A and London, teaching respect for the craft of acting and the gift’s that it can bring.
Here’s to the hundred’s of inspired student’s who have joined us on that discovery and to those yet to find us!

Thanks for taking a look.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair

To My Readers

What do I do? What is it that The Actors Workshop of South Florida does ? We train the student, to become a professionally trained working actor, if that is what they choose to do. We train the individual, to trust their inner voice to express themselves and their passion in life, realized through the craft of acting.

So congratulations to Janet Weakley, who has just been cast as 'Mrs Wingfield', in Tennessee William's "The Glass Menagerie" at Broward Stage Door. Janet has studied with, and been a member of The Actors Workshop of South Florida for five years and performed in two of our repertory theatre productions, "Crossing Delancey" and "The Supporting Cast", she also had her first paying job as an actor with our University Shakespeare program, along with other members of our company. As she said to me upon telling me she was cast ''because of your company, I am professionally trained and I am ready for this''. Yes you are Janet!

Congratulations to John McGlothlin working in Rising Action's theatre production of "Bent", with outstanding reviews from the Miami Herald,Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach- Post & New Times. Having seen the play, not only was it brave, sensitive and raw but it was the mature performance of an experienced actor willing to take risks and not that of his 'stage debut'. John credited the workshop "for cultivating his love of acting" but he was a credit to the workshop and what we do. After several independent film performances John is keeping his passion alive in theatre too!

Congratulations to Kally Khourshid, just cast in local playwright, Tony Finstrom's "Knish Alley" at Broward Stage Door. One of our youngest members who completed our 8 week Introductory workshop last year, went off to college and because of her talent and training was offered a role by her drama professor to work opposite him. This summer she returned to keep her training consistent by taking advantage of our Ongoing workshop serving it's purpose to offer the student a 'roof over their head', as they continue to work at their craft.

Congratulations to Phyllis Brown and Victor Mascitelli who have recently signed with their first Talent Agency. Victor is currently shooting a film , playing opposite renowned actor Barry Bostwick. Jessica Brydon will be in Cincinatti soon to shoot in her next film.

The Actors Workshop of South Florida is a company focused on professional consistent training, founded on respect for the craft of acting. Our professionally, working, paid actors are a reflection of that.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

Directors Chair 13

To My Readers

I had planned to begin with welcome to The Actors Workshop of South Florida 2009 but before I can say that I must give due acknowledgement and appreciation for 2008 and an astounding completion of our year.

As stated in our previous update we experienced a wonderful year of continually growing classes and opportunities for our talented students, some now calling their occupation 'professional actor'. On December 18, 2008 we held another successful industry showcase. I invited representatives of the South Florida industry, and a Los Angeles Talent Manager I had been working with, she was thrilled with the professionalism of our company and talent, proceeding to sign four of our students and is taking two of them out to L.A with her. She still has her Miami agency and has opened her door to our talent when they are ready.

May this be the year of aspired hope and fruition, as we look forward and not back.

So in this new year that brings with it still the echo of fear and it's practicality we hope that as you have found this page and it's website that you are ready to step out of that practicality and into the possibility of your creative spirit as many before you have done.

Whether you seek a career as an actor, hope to gain better communication skills or overcome shyness, finally bring your creative passion to the forefront or simply have fun, our 8 week Introductory workshop is the opportunity to do that.

As the Arts and personal development always seem to be the first things pushed to the side during difficult economic times, we at The Actors Workshop of South Florida have been pleased to see consistent class attendance, including in our Ongoing workshop .

So if this is your time to pursue your talent with consistent training that will take you from audition through performance in film, television or theatre, or if you are the individual who can no longer ignore that inner voice telling you to take a step into something new and pursue your creative possibilities, then we look forward to seeing you in our next workshop.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director