Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 4

To My Readers,

I am pleased to announce our cast for the company's first production of the Broadway hit, Andrew Bergman's comedy, "Social Security": Mennette Colón, Lori Dichiara, Brian Haase, George Randol, Phyllis Spear, and Mark Spivack.

It was wonderful to see such an exceptional presentation of talent in the audition, as some of my students were participating in their first ever audition. All were prepared and consistent in showing what they had learned of their craft in The Actors Workshop of South Florida.

With respect to my original training in "repertory theatre", even actors not cast have offered their enthusiastic support to be involved where production needs, from stage managing to set construction and design must be met. I expect no less from the extraordinary members of the workshop.

We are excited about the rehearsal process and the opportunity to share with the community through "Willow Theatre" in Sugar Sand Park, what it is that we have actually been doing for years "behind the closed doors" of our classes!

I was asked just last week by a new student about to register for our next 8 week Introductory Workshop, "what makes it so life changing?" My students share the answer to that question with me every time we meet.

With respectful acknowledgement of Charley, Frances and Ivan making their powerful presence known to those of us in South Florida, I would also like to acknowledge the new students who did not forget their original intention of choosing this time to explore their creative voice by joining our last 8 week workshop of 2004, and still picked up the telephone to make sure that they could register and that class would still proceed with only 1 weeks delay to allow us all a little sigh of relief, I was so pleased to say "yes", we will continue.

So, with all that we have experienced in 2004, I smile to say again; "Yes", we will continue, and I look forward to seeing you in 2005!
Thank you for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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