Sunday, September 6, 2009

Directors Chair 13

To My Readers

I had planned to begin with welcome to The Actors Workshop of South Florida 2009 but before I can say that I must give due acknowledgement and appreciation for 2008 and an astounding completion of our year.

As stated in our previous update we experienced a wonderful year of continually growing classes and opportunities for our talented students, some now calling their occupation 'professional actor'. On December 18, 2008 we held another successful industry showcase. I invited representatives of the South Florida industry, and a Los Angeles Talent Manager I had been working with, she was thrilled with the professionalism of our company and talent, proceeding to sign four of our students and is taking two of them out to L.A with her. She still has her Miami agency and has opened her door to our talent when they are ready.

May this be the year of aspired hope and fruition, as we look forward and not back.

So in this new year that brings with it still the echo of fear and it's practicality we hope that as you have found this page and it's website that you are ready to step out of that practicality and into the possibility of your creative spirit as many before you have done.

Whether you seek a career as an actor, hope to gain better communication skills or overcome shyness, finally bring your creative passion to the forefront or simply have fun, our 8 week Introductory workshop is the opportunity to do that.

As the Arts and personal development always seem to be the first things pushed to the side during difficult economic times, we at The Actors Workshop of South Florida have been pleased to see consistent class attendance, including in our Ongoing workshop .

So if this is your time to pursue your talent with consistent training that will take you from audition through performance in film, television or theatre, or if you are the individual who can no longer ignore that inner voice telling you to take a step into something new and pursue your creative possibilities, then we look forward to seeing you in our next workshop.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jane Kelly-Director

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  1. Acting is not a simple,it is the born quality and it is the blessing of the creator(god).